• We're delighted to announce YPF as Host Partner this year
  • LARTC 2017 is taking place in Buenos Aires with YPF as Host Partner
  • The first look agenda is now out!
  • LARTC 2017 is officially supported by the Ministerio de Energía y Minería de la Nación
  • 2 new speakers from International Finance Corporation confirmed
  • Delighted to have Mr Carlos Alfonsi, Executive Vice-President Downstream of YPF confirmed for the Keynote Address

Upgrading of Heavy Crude Oils and Residual by HIDRO-IMP Technology

12:10 - 00:00

  • Drawing upon experimental results of partial upgrading of heavy crude oils by HIDRO-IMP technology
  • How does the HIDRO-IMP technology operate at moderate reaction conditions with low formation of sediments?
  • Analysing results of usage of HIDRO-IMP technology for upgrading of 10, 13 and 16°API crude oils at semi-commercial scale
  • Evaluating benefits: reduced investment and operating cost and higher economic benefits


  • Dr Jorge Ancheyta Manager of Products for the Transformation of Crude Oil - Mexican Institute of Petroleum

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