• We're delighted to announce ENAP as Host Partner this year
  • LARTC 2018 is taking place in Santiago de Chile on 8th - 10th October
  • The live Advisory Board Meeting will take place on 28th February
  • Save the Date for our Launch event: LARTC Ask The Experts in June in Buenos Aires


Directorio Energético Latinoamericano Petroguía

Pone el sector energético a su alcance en todas sus plataformas

Petroguía ha elaborado durante 33 años productos especializados en el sector energético para el mercado latinoamericano, que mantienen a nuestros lectores informados y actualizados con datos confiables y vigentes. Único directorio de empresas energéticas en latinoamérica

Latin American energy directory Petroguia

It puts the energy sector within your reach.

Petroguia has created products specializing in the energy sector during 33 years for the Latin American market, which maintain its readers informed and updated with reliable and current data.  The only directory of energetic companies in latinoamerica

LARTC Call for Papers - Advisory Board meeting
Call for papers
Deadline extended to Thursday 13th April