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Call for Papers 2017

List of Topics

Here is the full list of topics for LARTC’s Call for Papers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email Esme on



  • Fuel formation solutions
  • Feedstock availability and quality
  • Shale oil challenges:
    – Upgrades (high metal), acid corrosion, new materials and techniques
    – Light components, paraffins and other components
    – Crude mixtures (crude slate of conventional and shale oil)
    – Processing high TAN or corrosive crudes and shale oil
  • Bottom-of-the-barrel deposits and conversion processes


  • Decontamination
    – Heavy metals recovery
    – Processing and recycling of oil sludge
  • Energy efficiency technologies
    – Shrinkage (Flaring, C, H, and N in acid gas to SRU, oil in spent alky acid, VOC emissions)
    – ISO 50001
  • Advanced Process Control applications in refinery energy systems
  • Refinery energy management systems – experiences and case studies
  • Review of diesel particulate emissions
  • Modern furnace and heat exchanger technology
  • Topic yields improvement versus energy consumption. What is more profitable and examples of?
  • Efficient hydrogen management and usage
  • Technology to adapt burners evolution for new environmental legislation


  • Feedstock dynamics and petrochemical plants (e.g. role of new feedstock producers, oil price, traditional feedstocks vs. shale gas, adapting to new feedstock dynamics)
  • Revamp or production increase projects in petrochemical plants
  • Steam cracking furnace and coil technology developments – anti-coking technology updates
  • Developments in scrubbing or trapping technologies
  • Case studies on energy efficiency opportunities in petrochemical plants
  • New catalyst developments in petrochemical plants
  • Safety measurements
  • On purpose technologies (e.g. propylene production, butadiene, etc)
  • Integration of bio feedstocks in petrochemical plants and bio feedstocks production technologies


  • Shale oil risks and issues: lab determinations, wax, fouling, segregated systems


  • ULSD production
  • Technologies to fuel sustainable development
  • Residue hydrotreating
  • Equipment for hydroprocessing
  • Marine heavy fuels specification changes and impact on refining strategy and operation; bunker scenarios and bottom of the barrel update technologies
  • Profit maximisation through catalyst developments
  • FCC waste and bios unit processing
  • H2 generation
  • Latest on HDS and FCC catalyst solutions
  • Chemical treatment of the refinery
  • Increasing diesel yield
  • Catalyst handling, catalyst regeneration, catalyst metal recovery
  • Catalyst improvements
    – New technologies (Coke, FCC’s, solid alkylation catalysers, Hydro treatment)
    – Spent catalyst usage
  • Fire heaters (applications, designs, efficiency, safety etc)
  • Oxygenates components for gasoline (MTBE, ETBE, DIPE, etc), regulation, technology, trends
  • Residue upgrading
  • Metal dusting
  • Valorisation of Heavy Residue
  • Integration of power generation projects in oil refineries
  • Development in alkylation technology


  • Digital Technology
    – Software developments: troubleshooting systems
    – Asset management software
    – Simulation and analytics
    – Technology & Innovation
  • Technology and innovation
  • Increasing flexibility of operational systems


  • Biofuels in Latin America
    – MTBE and TAME conversion into ETBE and TAEE: Pros and cons
  • Adapting refineries to biofuel production
  • Proven technologies for second generation biofuels
  • Opportunities to include renewables into an existing refinery; blending challenges and technology solutions to aid this


If you are ready to submit an abstract, please use the Submission Form provided here and send completed to Esme by Thursday 13th April.


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