Agenda at a Glance

Tuesday 16th October: KBR Technology Workshop
DuPont Clean Technologies Workshop – Register here

Wednesday 17th & 18th October: Main LARTC Conference

Friday 19th October: Aconcagua Refinery site visit

If you would like to view the full agenda, please download it from here.

Workshops Day – Tuesday 16th October

KBR Technology Workshop – Register through our LARTC portal here

Refining Technologies for Today’s Challenges 

  • ROSE
  • VCC
  • FCC
  • K-SAAT™

DuPont Clean Technologies Workshop

IsoTherming® Innovative Technology Solution for Distillate and FCC Feedstocks Upgrading

  • Keynote
  • Introduction to IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology
  • Applications in Severe Services (i.e. 100% LCO and Mild Hydrocracking)
  • Applications with Low Hydrogen Consumption
  • Revamp Case Study

Speakers to be announced shortly

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Welcome Drinks Reception

Day 1 – Wednesday 17th October

Morning Keynote Plenary
Responding to New Energy and Market Realities

Ministerial Keynote Opening Address
The Energy Sector’s Role in Driving Forward Chile’s Economy

Keynote Address
Chile’s Downstream Industry – The Road to Energy Integration

Keynote Leaders Panel
Driving LATAM Growth and Competitiveness in a Global Downstream Marketplace

Speed networking
Networking coffee break

In Conversation with
Driving Downstream Investment in the Transition Towards Cleaner Energy

2020 Bunker Regulations and Latin America Refining Strategies

The BIG Debate
IMO MARPOL – Is There a Future Market For Fuel Oil in LatAm?

Keynote Petrochemical Panel
Domestically Produced vs Imported Petrochemicals – What are the Business Opportunities For LATAM


Technical Streams

Stream A: Refinery Configuration, Conversion and Integration Technologies
Stream B: Process Automation Optimisation & Design

Networking Coffee-Break

Interactive Roundtable Sessions

  1. Overcoming Challenges of Compatibility Between Argentinian Shale Oil and Conventional Oil Blends
  2. Technological innovation and human talent: “A doubled-edged sword” for the refining industry
  3. Distillate & FCC Feedstock Upgrading – Low Sulfur Fuel Compliance Strategies

Networking Drinks Reception
Rising Stars
A Celebration of Young Talent in LATAM Downstream’s Indusry

Download the full agenda here

Day 2 – Thursday 18th October

Breakfast Briefing
Refined Knowledge 2.0. (Digital Solutions)

The Journey to Excellence
Operation Excellence – The Strategic View

Technology Trend Setters Panel
Operational Excellence Technology Enablers

The Plant of the Future – Digital Technologies For Smart Operations

Networking Coffee Break

Technical Streams
Stream A: Digital Technologies
Stream B: Operational Excellence – Margin Improvements

Networking Lunch

Technical Streams
Stream A: Catalysts Advances
Stream B: Operational Excellence – Crudes Optimization

Networking Coffee Break

Case Study
The Talara Refinery Story

Case Study
Pemex Tula project

Case Study
Processing Brazil Pre Salt oil – what are main characteristics of this oil and our experience processing it.

Projects and Future Prospects
Project Panel
Project Prospects, Execution and Delivery

Closing Remarks & Close of LARTC 2018

Download the full agenda here

Refinery Site Visit – Friday 19th October

Site visit to ENAP’s Aconcagua Refinery

More information to follow. If you’d like to attend this site visit, please make sure you indicate that as you register to attend the main event.