Daniel Monzón, Partner at Arthur D. Little, shares his insights with us on the Latin American Refining Industry

Daniel Monzón, a partner at Arthur D. Little and author of this paper will be chairing LARTC 2017.

The Latin American refining industry, with its almost 70 refineries, faces a challenging and changing environment that forces them to review strategy to maintain profitability.

Download this paper now and find out the effects of:

  • Refining and conversion capacity
  • Small refinery scale
  • High CAPEX and delays
  • Product and emissions regulations
  • Low integration into petrochemical value chain
Discussion paper, Arthur D. Little Snip

“Short on refining and conversion capacity

Latin America as a whole will experience strong deficits both in diesel and gasoline by the year 2020 since it is expected a 860 kbd and 910 kbd net importing position for diesel and gasoline respectively. The main deficits in diesel take place in Brazil, Central America, Chile and Argentina, while Mexico and Central America lead deficits in gasoline, followed by Brazil..”

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You might also be interested in the key takeaways from the LARTC (Latin America Refining Technology Conference) Advisory Board Meeting on:

  • Decreasing the region’s dependence on imports
  • The need to further develop the petrochemical industry
  • The fierce competition coming from the US
  • Benefits of regional and overseas expertise
  • What’s next on Energy Efficiency
  • Investment and finance projects



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