Refiner Pass

We will be reserving 60 complimentary passes to refiners and petrochemical producers of the region such as YPF, Pemex, Ecopetrol, ENAP, Petrojam or Petrobras.

Refiner/Petrochemical Producer Pass
For more information on this free pass, contact
Only available to employees of Petrochemical, Chemical or Refining plant operator companies. E.G ENAP, YPF, PEMEX, Ecopetrol, Petrobras, Pampa Energia, Axion Energy etc.
This pass is not available to anyone with a sales or business development title
Conference Access
This pass is not available to “contract employees”
Access to all conference Sessions including Panels, Streams, Roundtables as well as Speed Networking
Access to pre-and post-conference material

If you need any help with your registration, please contact Kelly on


We facilitate knowledge sharing and nurturing of business partnerships within the oil and gas sector. We do so by providing face-to-face opportunities to network including conferences, exhibitions and networking evenings; independent analysis and creation of industry reports and webinars. We create events that matter.


World Refining Association

Clarion Events Ltd
Fulham Green
69-79 Fulham High Street, London,

Tel: +44 207 384 7982

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