KBR Technology Pre-Conference Workshop



Refining Technologies for Today’s Challenges 


  • Minimize high sulfur fuel oil ahead of MARPOL IMO 2020, with low capex and high returns
  • Upgrade vacuum bottoms, producing FCC and Hydrocracker feedstock
  • Increase flexibility of crude selection to make road asphalt


  • Highest yield slurry Hydrocracking
  • Turn 60+% of vacuum bottoms to ULSD
  • Private investment for Over-The-Fence VCC operation


  • Refinery Petrochemical Integration
  • Using MAXOFIN™ to Maximize Olefin Production
  • ATOMAX™, REGENMAX™, and other technologies for optimum FCC Performance
  • KBR’s Catalytic Olefins Technology (K-COT™)


  • Solid Acid Alkylation Technology
  • Clean Burning Components
  • Decrease Olefin Polymerization
  • Eliminates ASO

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