Álvaro Luiz Gomes

Technical Services & Development
Dow Chemical

Alvaro is graduated in Chemistry at the University of São Paulo (1989) and has a master’s degree in Polymers Chemistry from the State University of Campinas (2011), besides an MBA in Economic Business Management (USP). He is currently a Senior Application Chemist at Dow in Brazil.

His areas of expertise include the physical chemistry of polymers, especially biopolymers and silicones and also its various applications such as cosmetics, household, medical and pharmaceutical products and additives for oil extraction, crude refining and chemical processing.

Currently Alvaro is dedicated to help Oil & Gas customers on gas and water separation from crude and also on the foam control challenges at refineries with the use of polymer-based materials.

He is the author of 2 books and also published several articles in academic and technical journals.

He has 5 patents involving applications of silicones in the fields of Cosmetology and Oil & Gas.


Álvaro Luiz Gomes will be speaking at:

Overcoming Challenges related to Foam Control in the Refineries

2017/09/06 14:45 - 00:00

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