Camila Molina Gutierrez

Process Engineer - Chem. Eng.
ENAP Refineria

I am a result-oriented chemical Engineer with 7 years of experience under process, production and environmental areas. Process Engineer for Delayed Coker Unit, hydrotreatment and Gas & water treatment Units in Bio Bio Refinery in Chile. Troubleshooting leader for Amine units, responsible for increasing plant stability, improving production throughput and optimizing equipment performance for Acid gas treatment plants. I Also worked as a process engineer of raw materials and foundry furnace area in the manufacture of glass.

Part of the team for the implementation of clean development mechanism project and implementation of management system based on the LEAN philosophy at Pulp and Paper mills. My main emphasis is team work to ensure the optimum process operating conditions and develop tools to strengthen process control. My main strengths are good interpersonal relationships, knowledge, flexibility, perseverance, and efficiency / effectiveness in the processes to achieve any proposed objectives.

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