Hildo Francisco Henz

Director Partner
Solazyme Bunge Productos

Hildo has a Chemical Engineering degree. He worked for 27 years at PETROBRAS starting in the FCC area and then becoming the manager of the Refining Technology Division.  He then managed as CEO the JV between PETROBRAS and REPSOL at REFAP S.A. refinery. After that joining BRENCO as a Project Director. This start up company focused on ethanol and electricity from sugar cane implemented 4 mills, state of the art sustainable technology and then went on to be a partner at Asset Management Company focused on the development of the Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Clean Tech technologies.  Currently he is CEO of a JV called SOLAZYME BUNGE PRODUTOS RENOVAVEIS LTDA. The company is building a plant in Brasil, starting production in DEC 2013, to manufacture vegetable oils for food, fuel, chemicals and cosmetics, using algea

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