Marcos Godinho Tavares

Marketing Solutions

Director of MARKETING SOLUTIONS, a refining industry consulting company located in Brazil. He began his career at a PETROBRAS refinery as FCC process engineer. Moved to PETROBRAS head quarter, Marcos Godinho took part of PETROBRAS team in charge to select a partner to build in Brazil a FCC catalyst plant, called later as FÁBRICA CARIOCA DE CATALISADORES. In 1985, he joined this company management team.  While the catalyst plant was being erected, Marcos Godinho has worked in Europe as a member of AKZO-NOBEL FCC technical service team.

Back to Brazil, Marcos Godinho has worked for 22 years more at FABRICA CARIOCA DE CATALISADORES as technical service manager, as technology manager and as marketing manager serving the South American refining companies.

Chemical engineering graduated, petroleum process engineering post graduated, and MBA degree.

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