Matthew Neal

Senior Hydrotreating Technical Sales Engineer - Americas
Honeywell UOP

Matthew Neal is a Senior Technical Sales Engineer within Honeywell UOP’s Catalyst, Adsorbents and Specialties group based in the UOP Des Plaines Office in the US. He specializes in Hydrotreating catalysts and supports customers in the North and South America regions, developing custom catalyst reload solutions with UnityTM Hydrotreating Catalysts as well as providing continuous operational support.

Matthew has been with UOP for over 7 years & has worked for UOP in various roles including Manufacturing Product Technology, Engineering, and Field Operating Services. As a Field Service Advisor, he provided onsite guidance and expertise during new unit commissioning, startup, and troubleshooting for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, and aromatics complexes at multiple refineries worldwide. Matthew received his Bachelors in Chemical engineering from the University of Illinois, Champaign – Urbana, United States.

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