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Ramon Loureiro

Global Business Development and Director
KBC Advanced Technologies

KBC Senior Advisor and Director responsible business development initiatives. Over 30 years of technical and managerial consulting experience in all aspects of the refining and petrochemical business.

Prior to joining KBC had thirteen years at Exxon Research and Engineering (ER&E), where he led refinery trouble-shooting initiatives, led start-up activities of new units, conducted process design, offered operator training, led correlations and model development efforts, as well as conducting fundamental research in all aspects of hydroprocessing and catalytic reforming.

He was a member of the Planning group, had resident assignments at the Exxon’s flagship refineries, and led the hydro-processing licensing group.

His industry experience includes leadership in numerous assignments both with ER&E and KBC in installations around the globe.

Ramon Loureiro will be speaking at:

Responding To IMO 2020 Regulation

2017/09/05 15:20 - 00:00

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