Rigoberto E. Santaella

Refining, Gas & Petrochemical Specialist


I am a Venezuelan Chemist with a master degree in Process Engineering in Refining, Gas & Petrochemical, I used to work 10 years in Puerto La Cruz Refinery as Lab. Supervisor, Process Engineer and Design mayor projects Engineer, then I use to work 19 years in Lipesa Venezuela and now I have 1 Year in Lipesa-Chemtreat in Colombia. With Lipesa I have worked as Comercial Manager, Marketing Manager, Refinery & Petrochemical consultant and now I am the Specialist for Lipesa-Chemtreat for Refining, Gas & Petrochemical Business. I have managed at least to Refineries & Upgraders started, several projects started: as Refinery PLC RO Plant (1333 gpm), instrument and service industrial air Refinery PLC plant, Jet A-1 treatment Refinery PLC plant, GLP Refinery PLC plant, NGL El Tablazo criogenic plant etc. I have worked in several field test in desalters, top control corrosion in atmospheric and vacuum distillation towers, antifoulant in NHDT & MHC plants, debottlenecking projects as: Recovery of the temperature profile in an atmospheric distillation column tower using asphaltenes dispersant etc.

Rigoberto E. Santaella will be speaking at:

Asphaltenes and Instability of Crude Feedstock to Refineries

2017/09/06 11:30 - 00:00

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