Civil Industrial Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Mechanics major.  Joined ENAP in October 2011 as Sales Manager, responsible for  distribution customers of fuel oil, LPG, industrial products and petrochemicals, as well as the logistic supply of fuels and LPG via cabotage and pipelines.  He has worked in the downstream industry for over 17 years with various petroleum companies.  Before working with ENAP, he was Operations & Logistics Manager at Repsol YPF (2005-2007) and later, Operations Manager at Terpel Chile (2008-2011).  In September 2013 he was appointed Refining & Commercial Manager of ENAP.


Mr Telroy Morgan has been employed to Petrojam Limited since 1995, when he joined the company as a Refinery Process Engineer. He was promoted to Process Engineering Supervisor in 2003 with primary responsibilities for Process Operations Technical Support (Contact), Energy Conservation and Oil Loss Management. In 2005, he was promoted to the position of Refinery Production Manager. In his portfolio, he is responsible for the safe and efficient operations of the plant; from the receipt of crude oil to the production and storage of refined products for market dispatch. Attendant span of control involve: Refining Operations, Procedures & Training, Process Engineering (Contact & Process Design), Loss Control, Energy Efficiency Management and  Distributed Control System (DCS).

A graduate of deCarteret College and Munro College, Mr Morgan has a Masters in Business Administration (Distinction) from Edinburg Business School (Heriot-Watt University, Scotland). He also obtained a Commonwealth Scholarship in reading for his Masters in Applied Science at the University of Toronto (Canada) and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine, Trinidad). Throughout his tenure, he has expanded his skill sets with specialized training in aspects of Refinery Operations, Supply Chain Management and Risk Management.

Mr Morgan is a member of the University of Technology Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Programme Advisory Board and also an Executive Member of the Munro College Old Boys’ Association.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, spending time with his family and friends as well as providing mentorship and guidance to youngsters.


Director of MARKETING SOLUTIONS, a refining industry consulting company located in Brazil. He began his career at a PETROBRAS refinery as FCC process engineer. Moved to PETROBRAS head quarter, Marcos Godinho took part of PETROBRAS team in charge to select a partner to build in Brazil a FCC catalyst plant, called later as FÁBRICA CARIOCA DE CATALISADORES. In 1985, he joined this company management team.  While the catalyst plant was being erected, Marcos Godinho has worked in Europe as a member of AKZO-NOBEL FCC technical service team.

Back to Brazil, Marcos Godinho has worked for 22 years more at FABRICA CARIOCA DE CATALISADORES as technical service manager, as technology manager and as marketing manager serving the South American refining companies.

Chemical engineering graduated, petroleum process engineering post graduated, and MBA degree.

Hildo has a Chemical Engineering degree. He worked for 27 years at PETROBRAS starting in the FCC area and then becoming the manager of the Refining Technology Division.  He then managed as CEO the JV between PETROBRAS and REPSOL at REFAP S.A. refinery. After that joining BRENCO as a Project Director. This start up company focused on ethanol and electricity from sugar cane implemented 4 mills, state of the art sustainable technology and then went on to be a partner at Asset Management Company focused on the development of the Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Clean Tech technologies.  Currently he is CEO of a JV called SOLAZYME BUNGE PRODUTOS RENOVAVEIS LTDA. The company is building a plant in Brasil, starting production in DEC 2013, to manufacture vegetable oils for food, fuel, chemicals and cosmetics, using algea

Over 27 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector and specifically in Downstream.

Chemical Engineer with Masters in Industrial Process Automation.