Dr. Jorge Ancheyta has worked for the Mexican Institute of Petroleum since 1989. His present position is Manager of Products for the Transformation of Crude Oil. He has worked as professor at the School of Chemical Engineering at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico since 1992. He has been supervisor of more than one hundred BSc, MSc and PhD theses, as well as a number of postdoctoral and sabbatical year professors.

Dr. Ancheyta has been working in the development and application of petroleum refining catalysts, kinetic and reactor models, and process technologies for catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, middle distillate hydrotreating and heavy oils upgrading. He is author and co-author of a number of patents, books and about 200 scientific papers.


David Shields is a journalist, analyst and private consultant in Mexico’s energy industry. He has advised companies on projects, investment opportunities and reforms in the industry. He is director general and editor of Energia a Debate, a multimedia project which publishes articles written by industry experts. He works on a social witness program for the Mexican federal comptroller’s office, which promotes transparency, accountability and fairness in public bidding processes  at state companies suchas as Pemex and Federal Electricity Commission. He is a board member of the Advisory Board for Energy Transition (Ministry of Energy).

Civil Industrial Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Mechanics major.  Joined ENAP in October 2011 as Sales Manager, responsible for  distribution customers of fuel oil, LPG, industrial products and petrochemicals, as well as the logistic supply of fuels and LPG via cabotage and pipelines.  He has worked in the downstream industry for over 17 years with various petroleum companies.  Before working with ENAP, he was Operations & Logistics Manager at Repsol YPF (2005-2007) and later, Operations Manager at Terpel Chile (2008-2011).  In September 2013 he was appointed Refining & Commercial Manager of ENAP.