Matthew Clingerman is currently Director – FCC Technology, and is responsible for leading the global FCC business for KBR.  He has over 17 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, having previously worked in R&D, technology licensing, operations and project development.  Matthew holds a B.S. degree and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Peter is Vice President of Engineering Services at CPFD Software with 18 years’ experience developing and applying various general and specialized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technologies.  Since 2010 Peter has increasingly focused on refinery trouble-shooting and improvements via simulation, with particular emphasis on the FCCU and related components.

Peter holds specialty expertise in fluidization and fluid-particle computational modeling for diverse industries including petrochemical (both upstream and downstream), power generation, gasification, materials processing and metal casting.  He has authored, chaired technical sessions or presented over 30 times in the last decade including multiple AFPM and WRA events.

Peter holds a Master’s of Applied Science degree from the University of Toronto.

Ingeniero Químico de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Especialista en Gerencia Estratégica y Máster Universitario en Informática y Automatización Industrial.  Ingresó a Ecopetrol en 1997 y durante sus 21 años de experiencia ha hecho parte de los equipos de la Refinería de Barrancabermeja, Refinería de Cartagena, Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo y Vicepresidencia de Refinación y Procesos Industriales; en diferentes posiciones tanto técnicas, de investigación y desarrollo, de desarrollo de proyectos y administrativas. Actualmente se desempeña como Gerente de Desarrollo de Refinación.

  • Mel is a Principal Consultant with KBC. Mel has over 35 years’ experience as a Chemical Engineer.
    Responsibilities include but are not limited to Project Manager on various KBC projects and specialty consulting on Fluid Catalyst Cracking processes.
  • Consulting services specialise in process troubleshooting and profit improvement analysis in the FCC, Unsaturates Gas Plant, Alkylation and Naphtha Reformer areas.
  • Mel has more than ten years refinery hands-on experience with unique awareness to refinery day-to-day processing problems.

KBC Experience

  • Technical Advisor to National Oil company new Latin American refinery project.  FEL-0 through FEL III assistance in complete complex and build both strategic and in detailed work assistance with owner, licensors and EPC firm.
  • Mel has been project manager on profit improvement programs with extensive international experience, working in USA, Europe, Australia, South America, South Korea, and Japan.   Additionally, Mel worked as key advisor on a grassroots complex refinery build. Personal responsibilities required overall refinery knowledge and capability to manage and coordinate multiple disciplines on both client and company aspects of the work.
  • Mel has assisted majors in various troubleshooting operations on FCC, including excessive catalyst losses, the re-optimization of operation for higher conversion with existing equipment.
  • He has identified and implemented charge rate increase in USGC FCC by 3 kbpd without investment and over 20% additional capacity in Japanese FCC Unit without investment.
  • He has coordinated FCC and Unsaturate Gas Plant analysis on major Yield and Energy Surveys throughout the world. The Unsaturate Gas Plant analysis often includes rigorous simulation of the facilities.

Rodrigo Abramof is a Chemical Engineer from Brazil. Started working at Petrobras in 1990 on Upstream onshore oil production. In 1995, moved to Rio de Janeiro as a Process Engineer at REDUC – Duqe de Caxias Refinery, where worked as operations and process optmization manager. In 2010, was transfered to Petrobras Headquarters as Refining Optimization and Plannning manager. In 2015 went to USA as Refinery manager and afterwarda to Parana Refinery in Brazil – REPAR. Nowadays Rodrigo is Refining Operational Efficiency general manager at Petrobras Headquarters.

Raj has been with TechnipFMC for past 11 years, with a total of 15 years of experience in the industry. He has experience in FCC equipment design, technology development and troubleshooting and has contributed to a wide range of projects including: FCC revamps, grassroots designs, CFD studies and Unit Startups. Raj has a MS in Chemical Engineering from the IIT, Chicago and Bachelor’s in Chemical and Bio Engineering from REC, Jalandhar, India.