Pall Corporation, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification offers a full range of products and services for the Oil & Gas Industry. Pall solutions include filters, coalescers, membrane systems, rental systems and service to drive process optimization and environmental control.

IMI Z&J is an international leader of custom engineered high temperature valves for the Petrochemical and Refining industries.

With more than 140 Years of experience we are specialized in high operating temperatures, large nominal sizes up to 6m diameter together with high frequency of operation and very long maintenance free operating periods.

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing enable us to offer customized solutions for critical applications such as delayed coking, ethylene and FCC. Over the years we have been working closely with refiners, technology licensors and operators to develop advanced technologies to lower OPEX and CAPEX of high temperature valves.

The Sulzer Company was founded in Switzerland in 1834 and eventually grew to be one of the largest Swiss companies with sales around the world. Sulzer sold its first equipment in Mexico in 1904 and opened its first Mexican offices in 1955.

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd, a member of the Sulzer Corporation, is a market leader in the field of process engineering and its areas of activity include mass transfer technology (distillation, absorption, liquid-liquid extraction and crystallization), line mixing (static mixing), membrane technology (pervaporation) and polymer production technology.

Sulzer’s invention of CY and BX gauze packing in the 1960’s led to a veritable revolution in distillation technology and its development of Mellapak structured packing 10 years later opened up a world of opportunities in global mass transfer technology. The 1980’s saw the increased use of structured packing technology in the chemical, petrochemical, oil refinery, natural gas, pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

Our wide array of distillation, absorption and liquid-liquid extraction products ranges from structured and random packings to fixed valve trays, conventional floaters and high-capacity trays, including a variety of internals for towers, such a distributors, accumulators and fabricated support gates manufactured in an assortment of materials.

Thanks to our continued R&D efforts, we have come to develop a host of new and better products to compliment our existing product line. Our most recent breakthroughs include Mellapak Plus structured packing and our new high-capacity, ultra efficient VGPlus tray, both of which represent a leap forward in distillation, absorption and liquid-to-liquid extraction technology.

As a result of our quest for new opportunities, Sulzer has been licensed by Shell Global Solutions to design, manufacture and sell Shell’s own patented internals and trays, as well as the vertical separators used in Shell’s offshore crude oil and natural gas production.

There are currently more than 20,000 columns around the world fitted with Sulzer packings and trays, while in Mexico alone there are more than 300 Sulzer-equipped columns running smoothly in a range of applications and under a variety of operating conditions.

Sulzer Chemtech S. del R.L. de la C.V., owned by Sulzer A.G., was founded in 1998. This Mexican subsidiary is known throughout the Group as CTMX (ChemTech México) and its facilities are located in Cuautitlan Izcalli, State of Mexico. ChemTech Mexico is dedicated to manufacturing, under license from Sulzer Chemtech A.G., internals for distillation, absorption and liquid-liquid extraction columns using cutting-edge technology and following the strictest of quality control standards.

At Sulzer Chemtech Mexico, we strive to be the very best at developing, engineering, planning and manufacturing products, systems and services related to distillation, absorption, extraction, reaction and distillation technology and fractional crystallization for the chemical and oil industries.

Johnson Matthey is an international specialty chemicals company and world leader in advanced materials technology. Our process catalysts and additives are employed in the oil refining industry and are brought to the market through our complete range of products:

KATALCO – Catalysts for all process steps in hydrogen production from hydrocarbon feedstocks
PURASPEC – Fixed bed catalysts and absorbents which remove traces of contaminants from hydrocarbon gases and liquids
CATACEL – Foil Supported catalysts for hydrogen production via steam reforming of hydrocarbon feeds
INTERCAT – Fluid Catalytic Cracking additives and addition systems used in the refinery FCC process to tailor the selectivity of the FCC and reduce regenerator emissions

Wood is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. We operate in more than 60 countries, employing around 55,000 people, with revenues of around $10 billion.  We provide performance-driven solutions throughout the asset life-cycle, from concept to decommissioning across a broad range of industrial markets including the upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas, chemicals, environment and infrastructure, power & process, clean energy, mining and general industrial sectors. We strive to be the best technical services company to work with, work for and invest in

KBC delivers operational excellence and superior profitability to clients operating in the upstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry. Through best-in-class technology and highly knowledgeable experts with strong operating knowledge, our value-add to clients is superior results, sustained. As a trusted advisor to IOCs, NOCs and independent refiners, KBC’s delivery is reliable, objective and impartial. The integration of KBC’s capabilities with Yokogawa’s excellence in the industrial automation field ensures we continue to deliver superior results for our clients which are sustained over the long term.