#SuperSixSites: Buenos Aires

A city which oozes drama from living under the shadow of secret police, to being ruled by evil dictators and bombed by its own navy, Buenos Aires is also home to some of the most important writers and artists in Latin America. After seeing economic booms bringing stunning wealth to the city, we are excited to be hosting this year’s #LARTC2017 in this electrifying city.

#01 La Boca

La Boca will transport straight back to the infectious energy of South American life. Stroll down the famous cobbled streets of El Caminito, see a show at El Teatro De La Ribera or watch tango dancers at the Feria De Artesanos Caminito, La Boca has it all. Tourists should be careful as natural you may be a target for theft but be prepared to lose yourself in the true spirit of South America.

la boca

#02 Casa Rosada

Translated to the pink house, this emblematic governmental palace is home to the President of Argentina himself! If any of you have seen the film Evita or know a little bit about the city’s history, the famous balconies of Casa Rosada are where Juan and Evita Peron addressed the masses on the day of the descamisados.


#03 Eat a steak and many other freaky glands

How can you go to Argentina and not try a steak right? We’ve read a few reviews and suggest La Brigada, Manolo’s or Des Nivels. Be warned, pepper is hard to come by to eat with your steak in this city but once you taste the Chimichurri, pepper will be a thing of the past we promise. Other weird and wonderful (we hope) glands Argentinians serve as a delicacy are also chorizo and morcilla (black pudding) accompanied by crispy chinchulines (chitterling), briny riñon (liver) and the truly delectable molleja (sweetbread). We’ll try if you do!


#04 Tierra Santa

We’re not sure how many cities you can go to in the world to see a nearly 20m tall resurrection of Jesus Christ but Buenos Aires is one of them! Translated to the ‘Holy Land’, In their religious theme park visitors can walk the streets of biblical Jerusalem through the life of Jesus as described in the Bible. Definitely worth a visit!


#05 Cementerio de la Recoleta

Potentially one of Buenos Aires’s top attractions, spend hours walking through the city of the dead. Rows of impressive mausoleums and statues will keep you intrigued, whilst peeking into crypts will help discover the history of its inhabitants. Previous presidents, politicians and military heroes have all made it past the gates or Cementerio de la Recoleta.

Cemeta5ry Buenos aires

#06 Dance the night away at a Milonga

When you think of South America you will 100% think of the tango. Buenos Aires is full of tango and if you want to look like the dancing girl emoji on your trip, we recommend visiting these top Milongas; Cachirulo, Milonga Parakultural at Salon Canning or La Viruta!


So there you go!

Another #SuperSixSites from us here at the WRA.

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