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Refinery Configuration, Conversion and Integration technologies

With the Latin American refining industry going through their biggest transformation in decades, the refiners in the region will heavily benefit to understand the latest processes and technologies available in the global markets to help them decide on most effective way when it comes to Investment decisions in this area.


Operational Excellence, Reliability, maintenance & Margin Improvement

Being one of the biggest drivers for refiners in the region to achieve operational and commercial excellence as well as a decisive driver when it comes for investors to decide where to spread their beans, these technologies have a very high degree of interest in Latin America.


Energy Efficiencies

Being a market well known and documented for its energy (In)efficiencies, most refiners and petrochemical companies are looking to improve their process in this market segment.


Digital Technologies

Most Operators and Invertors recognise that the implementation of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Monitoring, Cyber security and Simulation technologies applied to talent development and retention as the way forward to reach a more efficient operation and better use of its resources.


Process Automation, Optimisation & Design

From the basic Engineering and design, most operators in the region are looking to improve processes by including a greater deal of automation in their operations which will also enable them to move forward to the latest advances on digital technologies.


Catalysts Advances

Catalyst advancements will always continue to be the key to the profitability, sustainability and environmental compliance of refineries.


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